Welcome to the second edition of The Violet Hour. Same club, same people, same secrets. So what's the catch? Well... That's what they're all dying to find out.

This roleplay is in no way affiliated with The Violet Hour bar in Chicago. Credit to drinks, rules, policies, etc. go to The Violet Hour.


Unfortunately, The Violet Hour will be shutting down once more. 

It has come to our attention that the reopening of the group isn’t as stable as we had liked it to be. Unsure of how this was going to go, we opened it up again to see how things would go. We’re finding that time is dwindling and we no longer have the appropriate amount of time nor want to continue on with this group. We believe that it did a good course it’s first time around and should have been left there. Know that we do not blame the players for this. We simply do not have the right dedication to keep this group going. Thank you to all the players who’ve been here from the beginning and the new ones who decided to join along the way.

- Erika and Savannah

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